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3D Product Visualization – EV Charger

Our client contacted us for 3D rendering images of their EV charger equipment, they are into manufacturing of electric accessories for Electric Vehicles. They had the 3d model ready with them already and needed high quality realistic rendering for pre order and marketing purposes.

3D model provided by them had decent quality so we didn’t do any changes on it but they did wanted us to model the pedestal, they only had 1 reference images of the pedestal, we modelled accurate 3d model using that single reference image.

Requirement was for 03 product images in grey background and 03 images rendered in a practical scenario i.e. installed in a parking or attached to a electric vehicle, we sometimes call this as lifestyle images, initial idea was to model and render everything in 3D, the house, the vehicle, garages and everything in 3d but because of the budget and deadline constraint we suggested them to use stock photos instead. Our client liked the idea so they purchased ready made stock photos which were telling their story.

There were few different EV designs in the stock photos, we edited those out first and replaced with our client’s design. This way we managed to deliver the project early and within their budget.

If you have similar requirements or product rendering projects or animation then please feel free to reach out to us, we would love to discuss it and provide best possible solution and estimate, our email is


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