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Company Policy

  1. Check your CG Drops mail for invitation
  2. Login to your Good Day account from this Link
  3. Go to Account panel in Settings page and click Profile
  4. Update all details.
  5. Turn on Desktop Notification from Settings

Tasks will be assigned from this platform, you will get notification on My Work page whenever a task or feedback is assigned to you. Try to keep all your communications within this platform.

The Process

Before starting any task

  1. Change status to “In Progress”


After completion of task

  1. Select member name in Action Required section
  2. Post folder path in comment section
  3. Change status to Review
  4. Add Time Report
  5. Press Submit button


This will send notification to member selected in Action Required section, member will review and if everything is ok then status will be changed to Complete else status will be changed to Feedback, you will get this notification and above process will be followed again.

For Team Leads

  1. Create New Task
  2. Select team member in Action Required section
  3. Set Deadline
  4. Set Estimate


After task is completed by assigned member you will get notification in My Work page, after that

  1. Review file
  2. Put review time
  3. Change status to Feedback or Complete as applicable.

Here is the path to all resources

\\Naushad\Server\Books And Tutorials

Custom Models – All custom furniture model goes here

\\Naushad\Server\Models\Custom Models

Software Setups – All software setups


Daily Renders – Copy of each render generated goes here

\\Naushad\Google Drive CG Drops\Renders

Please use proper file name before forwarding any file for submission,  just copy names from Good Day

Naming Format: ProjectName_TaskName_DraftVersion


Example file names with category folders

Naming Format: ProjectName_Category_TaskName_DraftVersion


Date Folders

Naming Format: YearMonthDate

1st December 2018 should be written 20181201
30 November 2018 should be written 20181130

Raw File Formats
Still Images – .tiff
Animation Frames – .tga

Delivery File Formats
Still Images – .jpg
Animation Video – .mov
2D Floorplans and Elevations – .pdf

Image Resolutions
Still Draft – 1280 x 720 pixels, 300 dpi
Still Final – 4000 x 2250 pixels, 300 dpi
2D Floorplans – 4000 x 4000, 300 dpi
2D Elevations – 4000 x 4000, 300 dpi
2D Site Plan – 4000 x 4000, 300 dpi
Animation Draft – 1280 x 720 pixels Viewport Preview
Animation Final – 1280 x 720 pixels, 25 frames per second

Time frames of all the tasks listed, time on individual tasks may vary but average time reports should match this time frame

Exterior single and Double Sided – 02 hours
Exterior all sides – 04 hours

Furniture Simple – 01 hour
Furniture Medium – 02 hours
Furniture Complex – 03 hours

Exterior Clay Draft – 02 hours
Exterior Color Draft – 02 hours
Streetscape – 04 hours
Interior Clay Draft – 04 hours
Interior Color Draft 04 hours

3D – 02 hours
2D Simple – 01 hour
2D Textured – 02 hours

Virtual Edit
Simple – 02 hours
Standard – 04 hours

  1. Normal working hours are between 10 am to 6 pm but we are open with log in and log out time unless until 7.5 hours of work is recorded in system.
  2. Work hour per day is 8 hour, it includes 7.5 hours of work hours and 30 mins of lunch.
  3. Minimum of 7.5 work hours is a must, if you are unable to do these hours then try to average it out any other day.
  4. At the end of each month, total work hour will be calculated and pay will be deducted in proportion if total working hour reported is less than Number of Working Days in a Month x 7.5
  5. Time spent on each and every task should be recorded in Good day.
  6. Recorded time should be accurate, any incorrect reporting won’t be accepted and will lead to direct termination without any warning and notice.
  7. Work done on holidays and late nights must be also recorded in Good Day, these hours will be calculated and paid as bonus.
  8. You can record idle times through Miscellaneous Tasks, this is valid in case of hardware issue, light failure, and if in case you don’t have any task assigned.

Any custom furniture models we are creating for any project will be kept in Custom Models server folder, model will be assigned to modelers through Custom Models project in Good Day.

  1. Make a task in Good Day > Projects > Custom Models and assign to respective modeler.
  1. After model and texture is complete, copy clean archive with reference, maps and model in server folder. Check sample model inside for proper files and folder structure. Renders and wireframes are not necessary.


\\Naushad\server\Models\Custom Models

If you need to use any abbreviations, please refer to the document for the abbreviations you should be using.

File Name:

\\naushad\SERVER\Books And Tutorials

Once the project is complete and has been closed successfully, move all source file to respective project folder in Backup Drive, delete all raw files, delete all incremental files, temp files, you can keep .psd files and .aep files if file size are not very large or else delete these also. Only keep final project file, files received from client, feedback and final rendered images and animations. Once all files are backed up on Backup Drive you can delete the project files from your system.

Periodically project names will be mentioned to be archived.

Please use listed programs only, delete any alternate programs if you are using any.

Compression – 7Zip, save in .zip format never in .rar
Documents and Writers – Open Office
Communication: Skype
CAD: Nano Cad, DWG TrueView
Graphics: Affinity Photo, Photoshop
Remote Review: Remote PC
AntiVirus: McAfee
Viewer: FBX Review

  • Do not download or install any software without prior permission.
  • Only assigned person is responsible for downloading and keeping software setups. If software download and installations are needed then please inform your superior regarding the same.
  • Please delete all setups from your local folders if there are any.



  1. Regular working days are from Monday to Saturday.
  2. Alternate Saturdays are off i.e 2nd and 4th Saturday.
  3. Sunday would be a holiday.
  4. Every permanent employee is entitled to 24 days of leave in a year.
  5. You can check list of public holidays from Holiday List Page.
  6. All leaves will be sanctioned by the Department Head and email must be sent to HR for records via email.
  7. Leave request not coming through email won’t be considered.
  8. Any employee who wishes to avail a leave for more than 2 days, then the employee should intimate about the same to the Head of Department and also HR at least 10 days in advance.
  9. All leaves are subjected to the approval of the HOD.
  10. At times of emergencies such as severe weather, fires, or power failures which can disrupt company operations, the decision to close the office will be made by management.

Republic Day    26 January   Tuesday
Holi    29 March     March
Ram Navami    21 April   Wednesday
Eid Ul Fitr    12 May Wednesday
Eid Ul Adha    19 July Monday
Independence Day    15 August    Sunday
Gandhi Jayanti    02 October    Saturday
Dussehra    15 October Friday
Diwali    04 November Thursday
Christmas Day    25 December    Saturday

Its strictly not allowed to take models, source files, rendered images and animations outside of office premises without permission or to upload any material produced online without permission, all files and renders are property of CG Drops and its respective clients, strict action will be taken if anyone is found doing the same.

Following acts below mentioned would come under the ambit of violation Of Code Of Conduct, violation of any of these will lead to immediate suspension.

  1. Reported time is lesser than daily work hours
  2. Constant late attendance
  3. Excessive Absenteeism
  4. Offensive/ abusive conduct and/ or language.
  5. Irresponsible handling of company property.
  6. Personal Use of company property without permission
  7. Falsification of company records.
  8. Intentional destruction of company property
  9. Violation & harassment of other employee.
  10. Intentional violation of company rule.
  1. Before starting your work, shutdown system for 5-10 mins if system is running continuously for more than 24 hours.
  2. Switch off the monitors, system including UPS every day after the work.
  3. Use spare time in research, development, improving skills, techniques.
  4. The workstation are to be kept neat & clean.
  5. Shutdown AC and Heaters during lunch hours and after office hours.
  6. Do not plug external devices on any of the PC, Please inform before plugging any external devices i.e Pen Drive, External HDD, Mobile Phones etc.
  7. For charging your phone use Phone Charger Hub
  8. Any leakage of water, electric spark or smoke is found then please report to admin department immediately.
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